CHS Building Trades tour

On Friday, April 21, Larson-Danielson Construction welcomed building trades students from Chesterton High School to the Ken Allen Law project site. The tour was organized by the Construction Advancement Foundation.

“As an organization committed to advancing the construction industry and workforce, the Construction Advancement Foundation (CAF) recognizes the importance of engaging with future generations to inspire and prepare them for careers in construction,” said Kevin Comerford, Director of Professional Development for CAF. “Through our partnership with Chesterton High School’s Building Trades program, we provide job site tours that give students a firsthand look at the construction process and the skills needed to succeed in this field. These tours are an invaluable opportunity for students to learn about the industry and explore potential career paths.”

Building Trades Career Path

The event offered students interested in the building trades insights into that career path. The students had the opportunity to speak with Noah Varnak, a carpenter and superintendent with Larson-Danielson, and Andy Drake, an electrician with Circle R Electric.

“Being willing to listen and learn is important when joining or learning a trade,” said Varnak. “If you’re willing to do the work, the opportunity is there.”

Varnak and Drake touched on the many benefits of learning a construction trade, including the great wages, benefits, and job security. Other benefits of the building trades mentioned were the on-the-job-training, variety of worksites, and ability to learn a skilled trade in four years or less.

Construction Site Tour

After an introduction to the project and the building trades, the Pat Lockwood, vice president of Larson-Danielson led the students on a tour of the project, including the basement, second floor, third floor, and rooftop. The second and third floor buildouts are nearing completion and students were able to see the furniture and finishes for both floors.

During the tour, Lockwood gave the students insights into the building’s construction. Some of the information included:

  • 17,000 yards of concrete were used
  • There is 250 tons of steel in the building
  • 60,000 hours of work have gone into the project
  • During the winter, the ground had to be thawed and water pumped out

The Ken Allen Law facility is a three-story, multi-tenant office building that will be home to Ken Allen Law on the third floor, and multiple other tenants on the first and second floors. The project has some unique features, including an underground, enclosed parking garage in the basement, a rooftop lounge area, and a two-story screen in the main lobby.

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