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Services: Design / Build

When you need a single-source to assume complete responsibility for all aspects of a commercial construction project, Design/Build is the appropriate option. We control the entire planning, design and construction process and assume the risk if things aren’t done right. We assemble a team of professionals – architects, engineers, interior designers and other specialists if required – and direct their activities to conform to a program to respond to your objective.

Proven experience

While Design/Build has been the fastest growing project delivery method over the past decade, Larson-Danielson has been a leader in pioneering this approach for over 50 years. This experience enables us to better understand how to translate your operational needs into the most efficient and effective building for your particular needs.

Fast track construction under Design/Build allows construction to begin much earlier than under the traditional design/bid approach allowing us to put you into your new facility months earlier.

A unique approach to design/build

By streamlining the building process and through close collaboration of our designers and cost engineers we can deliver more for your construction dollar. Our extensive knowledge of construction costs means the materials and construction methods we employ will be the most cost effective possible.

Larson-Danielson’s proven construction organization and talented design/engineering team can lead you smoothly through every facet of your project…from start to finish. You need only to communicate your desires to a single specialist with total responsibility for project success. Our commitment to your needs is a key factor in determining your building requirements and delivering the right building at the most affordable cost.

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Design/Build Delivery Methods

We offer both traditional design/build and in-house design/build delivery options. Learn more about each method below.

Traditional Design/Build

Traditional Design/Build Delivery Method

Larson-Danielson serves as the general contractor and maintains separate contracts with the owner, architect and specialty trades groups. The architect maintains contracts with design consultants. Communication flows from the owner to Larson-Danielson, who communicates with the specialty trades and the architect. The architect communicates with the design consultants.

In-House Design/Build

In-House Design/Build Deliver Method

We work with Facet Architecture to provide in-house Design/Build services. The owner has a contract with the design-build team, which includes Facet Architecture as the architect and Larson-Danielson as the general contractor. The design-build team maintains contracts with specialty consultants and specialty trades groups. Communication flows from the owner to the to the design-build team to the specialty consultants and specialty trades.

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