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Services: Self-Performed Work

At Larson-Danielson we are proud of our long history as a true General Contractor. As we have for over a century, Larson-Danielson maintains a highly skilled work force completing many different phases of the work on our projects. Concrete, Masonry, Carpentry, Ironwork and Excavation are the primary teams within our field forces.

These professional tradespersons are the life blood or our organization. Their productivity and skill are the leading edge of our overall effort to provide the highest quality project every time.

Maintaining these diverse field crews provides Larson-Danielson and our clients with a major advantage: skilled tradesman on every task. Our organization is able to use these field forces to better control our projects. We are able to manage the tradespersons working on the job directly rather than relying on subcontractors.

The extensive history we have in self-performed with is reflected in how we plan and design our projects as well. We continually capitalize on the wealth of knowledge our field staff can bring to the planning and design process. The input from those who will actually be putting the work in place is invaluable when planning and designing any project. In addition, because we self-perform so much work each year, we are able to use the detailed cost histories we track on each project when budgeting and estimating new projects. This allows our team to generate accurate and reliable cost estimates at almost any phase of a project.