Tony Oss receives Life Saver Award

At Larson-Danielson Construction, we are guided by our core values, which include Leadership and Safety. We believe they must be at the heart of everything we do.

Our commitment to safety ensures that everyone on our job sites goes home to their families every day. Moreover, our leadership philosophy guides us to lead with vision, passion, humility, and by example.

These values not only guide our work ethic but also exemplify the character of our dedicated team members. An extraordinary example of this is our very own Anthony “Tony” Oss.

Tony is the director of pre-construction and design services for Larson-Danielson and Facet Architecture. In addition to his professional role, he serves as a linebackers coach for the La Porte High School Slicers football team. Beyond his impressive personal and professional commitments, Tony is a beacon of humanity and a true embodiment of our core values.

On Thursday, May 9, 2024, Tony was recognized at the 2024 CAF/NWIBRT Awards Banquet with a Life Saver Award. The award is a testament to his quick thinking, professional training, and selfless act of bravery, which resulted in saving a man’s life.

Tony Oss, Life Saver

Leadership and Safety in action, Tony Oss receives Life Saver award

On July 18, 2023, while with the La Porte Slicers at Trine, Tony responded to a man in cardiac arrest, providing life-saving efforts that certainly made a difference. The man had a 100% blockage in his heart.

Thanks to Tony’s immediate response, alongside the athletic trainer for Trine and first responders in Angola, the man survived. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of first aid skills and the profound impact they can make.

On July 26, 2023, Tony was deservedly recognized for his courageous endeavor. The La Porte County Sheriff’s Office awarded him a Letter of Commendation for his heroic, life-saving actions. We are thrilled to have a hero like Tony on our team. His actions are an inspiration to us all.

Our Values: Leadership and Safety

At Larson-Danielson, safety is more than just a priority — it is the heart of our culture. This incident serves as a stark reminder that our core value of safety extends beyond our job sites, and that everyone should consider learning first aid skills. Tony demonstrated that safety is not a procedural measure but a life-saving skill that can be a game-changer when the situation calls for it.

In addition, Tony’s guidance during this life-saving event and his consistent dedication to his role in our organization truly embody our value of Leadership. His quick thinking and life-saving skills exhibit this leadership value to the fullest. His actions are a testament to the kind of leaders we strive to be—those who step up when the situation calls for it and lead the way with courage and determination.

We at Larson-Danielson are immensely proud to call Tony one of our own. His outstanding contributions not only enhance our community but also reflect the essence of our core values.

Tony serves as a shining example of how we can embody leadership and safety in our everyday lives. We are inspired to continue fostering a culture that values safety and promotes leadership, both within our organization and in the communities we serve.