Ensuring Winter Safety in Commercial Construction: A Priority for Larson-Danielson

Winter is undeniably here, and with the cold, ice, and snow comes an uptick in risks for our hard-working crew. Winter weather conditions can make our day-to-day jobs even more hazardous. What exactly are these additional challenges? And why should we pay extra attention to safety measures during these blustery months?

The Dangers of Winter in Construction

The construction industry faces more hazardous work conditions than almost any other industry, especially during the winter months. Winter dangers include:

  • Snowstorms and blizzards creating low visibility and dangerous working environments
  • The buildup of snowdrifts potentially obstructing work areas
  • Ice formation making surfaces slippery and increasing the risk of accidents
  • Wetness seeping through clothes, making workers uncomfortable and potentially leading to health issues
  • Melting snow causing unexpected flooding and water puddles, which can create further hazards (OSHA, n.d.).
Winter weather safety in construction

Winter weather often adds an extra layer of complexity to construction work. Think about the challenges that come with icy roads, snow-covered worksites, frozen pipes, and downed power lines. Imagine trying to operate equipment or navigate scaffolding that’s been hit with a fresh layer of snow or ice. These conditions not only amp up the risk factor when it comes to health and safety but can also lead to new dangers, including frostbite.

In these conditions, many of us bundle up in heavier protective gear to keep the cold at bay. While this does help fight off the chill, it can make it trickier to move around and get the job done.

The challenges associated with winter weather are numerous – think slipping, skidding, and even crashes due to icy surfaces and hidden black ice. It’s not just about physical accidents; the cold can cause frostbite, stress, and even hypothermia. Plus, it’s harder to stay sharp and keep your hands steady when you’re freezing. These risks aren’t just for those directly involved, but also a concern for your colleagues and anyone near the construction sites. So, it’s important to keep an eye out for each other and stay safe. (OSHA, n.d.).

Promoting Winter Safety at Larson-Danielson

Safety is our first priority and is never compromised on our job sitesHere at Larson-Danielson, the safety of our employees is our top priority, especially when the winter season rolls around. We have a useful winter health and safety preparedness plan in place. It’s all about managing the hazards and hazardous conditions that winter can bring, reducing risks, and making sure everyone stays safe and healthy.

Looking for ways to keep your employees safe and healthy during winter? Here are some strategies we can put into action for effective winter safety management:

  • Training team members to handle winter-related risks
  • Regularly checking and clearing worksites of snow or ice
  • Inspecting machinery, equipment, and tools to ensure they’re winter-ready
  • Implementing engineering and administrative control measures for added safety
  • Ensuring the appropriate use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Providing sufficient heating to maintain a comfortable working environment
  • Keeping emergency and first aid kits well-stocked and easily accessible
  • Encouraging open and clear communication about safety concerns
  • Staying alert to weather forecasts to anticipate and mitigate risks
  • Setting up emergency shelters as a precautionary measure (OSHA, n.d.)

Embracing Safety: It’s Not Just a Rule, It’s Our Culture

At Larson-Danielson, we believe in the importance of creating a safe and secure work environment for our team and our clients. We understand that winter brings its unique set of challenges in the construction industry, and we are committed to implementing comprehensive and effective safety measures to mitigate these risks. The safety and well-being of our employees, clients, and everyone working on our job sites is our highest priority, and a very important core value. We will continue to strive to maintain a culture of safety and health during all seasons.


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