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Services: Facility Services

Devoted since 1908 to General Contracting, Design/Build, and Construction Management services, Larson-Danielson realized that the company was not formally responding to the needs of industrial and commercial property managers seeking a firm to handle their smaller construction projects and maintenance services. In 1996, Larson-Danielson filled the need in this niche market by establishing a dedicated Facility Services Group (FSG). Specifically devoted to our clients’ smaller projects, the FSG has one advantage that no other company can claim: immediate access to the vast resources of Larson-Danielson Construction Company. Under the guidance of full-time project managers and project superintendents whose sole duty is to inspect, estimate, and complete smaller projects, these experienced professionals pull in the Larson-Danielson resources to get the job done.

From skilled and experienced tradesmen and in-house design and engineering professionals to the equipment, insurance, bonding, safety programs, and a solid working relationship with like-minded specialty sub-contractors, Larson-Danielson can now offer complete small-scale general contracting services for projects that, previously, only a smaller contractor would accept.