Larson-Danielson announces major staff promotions

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2023 promotions

Larson-Danielson is pleased to announce the promotion of three key members of the team: Clarence Gehrke, Heather Brown, and Davin Kibbe.

Clarence Gehrke is now General Superintendent

Clarence Gehrke, who has been with the company since 2012, has been promoted to General Superintendent. In this role, he is responsible for ensuring company quality, productivity, and safety standards are met. With his wealth of experience in the industry, he is perfectly positioned to oversee project supervision and develop uniformity across jobsites.

Gehrke began his career with the company as a carpenter foreman. He has spent about two years training under his predecessor, Ray Rehlander. The new role has been challenging, but he is enjoying being able to help develop up-and-coming supervisors.

“For me personally, being a superintendent for 11 years and a carpenter and carpenter foreman for 10 years before that and building projects for that time, and now not doing that directly has been a challenge,” said Gehrke. “The way I believe I need to look at it now, is that I am doing my part to help build this company.”

Heather Brown assumes new role as Controller

Taking on the role of Controller, Heather Brown has assumed all financial responsibilities of CFO Patti O’Brien, who is retiring next spring. Brown has been an invaluable member of Larson-Danielson’s accounting department since 2006.

We are proud of your accomplishments and appreciate your dedication and efforts throughout the years and continued commitment to the L-D team,” said vice president, Jeff Jensen when announcing Brown’s promotion.

Brown was the winner of the 2022 Marilyn Alm Award, which was established in 2021. The award is named for Marilyn Alm, who spent 35 years with the company as an office manager. The award is given to office personnel in recognition of the following characteristics: 

  • Exceptional Dedication
  • Commitment to Improvement
  • Outstanding Performance

Davin Kibbe fills Warehouse Manager position

Davin Kibbe has stepped into the role of Warehouse Manager. Having trained under the previous manager, Jeff Gulley, for 10 weeks, Kibbe is set to coordinate warehouse operations, supply materials and equipment, and manage warehouse and yard inventory.

Kibbe admits that the new position is very different from his previous role, where he mainly worked with the masonry team. Learning the company’s equipment management system and adjusting to spending so much time typing have been the biggest challenges so far, but he feels the role is a good fit for him.

Congratulations, Clarence, Heather and Davin!

We are immensely proud of these individuals and their accomplishments, and we are confident that they will excel in their new roles. As always, Larson-Danielson remains committed to nurturing the talents of our team and ensuring the continued growth and success of our company.